About Reliable Elevator Inspection Service Inc.

Our Company was founded in 2001.

Our Inspectors have been performing inspections on all units covered under A17.1, A17.3, A18.1, NFPA-70 and NFPA-72 for 30 years. REIS follow all rules and guidelines set by the City of Houston and TDLR which are the authorities having jurisdiction in the State of Texas. We continue to expand our knowledge and territory in the industry. We will continue to be good Ambassadors for the Industry.

Our Team

  •  QEI Inspectors NAESA certified
  •  QEI Inspectors QEITF certified

According to the 
Administrative Rules of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
16 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 74: 
74.66 Responsibilities of the owner–equipment maintenance and inspections

The owner must: 
(3) Obtain the services of an inspector registered with the Department to perform inspections in accordance with 74.74-74.77 and 74.100.

Click here for a copy of Administrative Rules

Our Mission

It is important to us to recognize the men and women who serve our country and allow us to do our job each day safely. We are very appreciative to them and support the Wounded Warrior Project. 

We pay attention to the details.

"Do more than is required of you." 

                      - General George S. Patton

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