1. Annual QEI Inspections
  2. Five Year Full Load Testing
  3. LULA Elevator Inspection 
  4. Material LiftInspections
  5. ​Ship Elevator Inspections

Our Commercial & Residential Services

  1. Wheel Chair Lift Inspections
  2. ​Dumb Weighter Inspections
  3. Private Residence 


Our company offers a wide range of commercial and residential inspections to meet your building needs. 

All of our inspectors are highly trained and certified to perform your conveyance inspection with safety being the first priority. We use all the latest testing equipment available to achieve that goal. 

  1. Escalator Step Index Testing
  2. Escalator Comb Impact Testing
  3. ​Escalator Brake Torque Testing 
  4. ​Moving Walk Inspections
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